Group Therapy

If individual therapy is something you or your loved one may be interested in, I’m happy to announce that I have several groups I plan to begin in the coming months. Feel free to submit your contact information by clicking here. Once enough participants have been gathered, I will set a date to begin the group and announce it to interested participants.


Teen Girls (Teen girls, ages 13-17 years old only).

Description: It is hard being a teenager in this day and age of social media! It’s easy for our precious girls to compare themselves to unrealistic beauty standards, have warped views about relationships, and have a hard time finding their identity in Christ. This group is designed to address these issues. I will facilitate an on-going group that allows girls to form new friendships, talk openly about the Word of God, relationships, and other hot topics- all while engaging in various art and play activities!

Young Single Mom’s Support Group (18-29 years old only)

Description: There is a deep stigma in our culture attached to being a young single mother. A lot of young mom’s may have a pure desire to give their child(ren) the childhood they never had, but may not know how to go about that while navigating their own emotional wounds. This group is designed to bring single mothers together in a supportive environment to learn parenting strategies, receive emotional support from one another, discuss dual identities (mother, daughter, friend, sister, etc), and discover God’s purpose for you as you shape the next generation.